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2021 Pinellas Summer Reading Challenge

June 7, 2021 – July 31, 2021

Two ways to win great prizes!

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2021 Pinellas Summer Reading Challenge

June 7, 2021 – July 31, 2021

Two ways to win great prizes!


Weekly Challenges

Read the book of the week for your grade band and answer the questions to be entered into a drawing!

Summer-Long Challenges

Read any books in myON. Based on the number of books read, top readers in each grade-band will win great prizes!


Read the book for your grade band identified for each week on the booklist to participate in this challenge! This 5-week challenge begins on June 14 and ends on July 16.
Grade bands: Pre-K–2, 3–5

  • Click on “Weekly Challenge Booklists” to read the book for your grade band each week.
  • Either click on the link to be directed to it within myON or search by the title or ISBN.
  • Click the “Weekly Challenge Form” to provide your contact information, answer the questions for the book you read, and select “Submit.”

    Reminder: Answers to Weekly Challenge questions must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. each Friday.
  • Winners will be selected at random and contacted through the email provided to claim their prizes.


  • 20 winners will be awarded each week.
  • Check back the following week to see the full list of winners.
  • Winners will receive a fun prize package!


Read as many books as you can between June 7 and July 31 for this challenge!
Grade bands: Pre-K–2, 3–5

  • Earn one drawing entry for each 5 books you read.
  • There is a maximum of 10 entries allowed per student.
  • The number of books you have read will automatically be tallied for you.
  • When you complete a book, remember to click on the "I have finished reading this book" button to be sure that book is counted in your tally.


  • 1 winner will be selected from each grade band through random drawings: Pre-K–2, 3–5.
  • Top winner from each grade band will receive a grand prize.
  • Winners will be announced the first week of August!

The summer challenges have ended. Check out the winners below!

And the weekly challenge winners are…

Week 1 Winners

Emily R. / Bauder Elementary

Kamille N. / Belcher Elementary

Christian C. / Curlew Creek Elementary

Isaac M. / Curlew Creek Elementary

Kayleen H. / Frontier Elementary

Johansse R. / Frontier Elementary

Kyleigh B. / Gulf Beaches Elementary

Liam B. / Gulf Beaches  Elementary

Jonas S. / James B Sanderlin IB World

Nikita P. / Lake St George Elementary

Emma C. / Leila G. Davis Elementary

Kelvin L. / Leila G Davis Elementary

Miles N. / Midtown Academy K-8

Natalie P. / Northwest Elementary

Krystian H. / Oakhurst Elementary

Alanna F. / Oakhurst Elementary

Kaitlin P. / Pasadena Fundamental

Isaiah O. / Ridgecrest Elementary

Amara K. / Southern Oak Elementary

Cheyenne W. / Sutherland Elementary

Week 2 Winners

Emmanuel Y. / Bear Creek Elementary

Kalli P. / Douglas L. Jamerson Elementary

Yumi E. / Forest Lakes Elementary

Braxton S. / Frontier Elementary

Lily S. / High point elementary

Heaven G. / High Point Elementary

Jahelyn R. / High Point Elementary

Amora D. / High Point Elementary

Monica Z. / New Heights Elementary

Marley B. / New Heights Elementary

Alian F. / New Heights Elementary

Natalia M. / New Heights Elementary

Makell G. / New Heights Elementary

Gavin L. / Northwest Elementary

Darren L. / Northwest Elementary

Addison N. / Oakhurst Elementary

Albert T. / Oakhurst Elementary

Reese V. / Pasadena Fundamental

Alyssa G / Seminole Elementary

Brice T. / Tarpon Fundamental

Week 3 Winners

Dillon B. / Anona Elementary

Nai M. / Azalea Elementary

Brielle L. / Azalea elementary

Camila M. / Azalea Elementary

Chloe D. / Azalea Elementary

Azul B. / Belleair Elementary

Jhovel G. / Belleair Elementary

Gianna R. / Belleair Elementary

Parker D. / Garrison-Jones Elementary

Andrea M. / Gulfport Elementary

Shaneshia W. / Gulfport Elementary

Jhon R. / High Point Elementary

Gracelyn H. / High Point Elementary

Jordan B. / High Point Elementary

Kai'yonnie J. / Melrose  Elementary

Cherysh W. / Midtown Academy

Ramoni N. / Midtown Academy

Jayda B. / Midtown Academy

Chayse Y. / Rawling Elementary

Lakonya W. / Woodlawn Elementary

Week 4 Winners

Blaine B. / Anona Elementary

Zaryah B. / Belleair Elementary

Karla B. / Belleair Elementary

Liam B. / Curlew Creek Elementary

Makenzie E. / Bardmoor Elementary

Kenji E. / Forest Lakes Elementary

Saul P. / Frontier Elementary

Ki'ailah B. / Gulfport Elementary

Edgar S. / High Point Elementary

Thomas M. / High Point Elementary

Arabella H. / High Point Elementary

Lisa B. / High Point Elementary

Tristan G. / Lake St. George (HLE)

Jeremiah N. / Melrose Elementary

Blake D. / North Shore Elementary

Arie K. / Ozona Elementary

Stepan K. / Plumb Elementary

Vlada K. / Skycrest Elementary School

Oliver G. / Sunset Hills Elementary School

Week 5 Winners

Elijah D / Acres of Fun Child Care Center Inc.

Gianna T. / Acres of Fun Child Care Center Inc.

Elisa A. / Azalea Elementary

Aubrianna C. / Azalea Elementary

Giuliana R. / Azalea Elementary

Xavier W. / Bay Point Elementary School

Angel T. / Belcher Elementary

Cupertino C. / Brooker Creek Elementary

Mariah S. / Fairmount Elementary

Treyvon S. / James B Sanderlin

Kyvaughn S. / Lynch Elementary

Samuel S. / Madeira Beach Fundamental

Rhianna M / Melrose Elementary

Sa'nyla W. / Melrose Elementary

Unique C. / Melrose Elementary

Jamie M. / North Shore Elementary School

Christopher B. / Pinellas Central Elementary

Rogina M. / Pinellas Central Elementary

Kaylee B. / Southern Oak Elementary

And the summer-long challenge winners are…

Laptop Winners

Acres Of Fun Child Care Center Inc. / Daniel D. - 1st Grade

Belleair Elementary School / Gianna R. - 4th Grade

Highland Lakes Elementary School / Madden O. - 3rd Grade

Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School / Sanaya S. - 1st Grade

St Patrick School / Jayalyn W. - 3rd Grade

Highland Lakes Elementary School / Senna A. 4th Grade

Skycrest Elementary School / Alan G. - 3rd Grade

Belleair Elementary School / Blake G. - 2nd Grade

Leila G Davis Elementary School / Kelvin L. - 4th Grade

Highland Lakes Elementary School / Rosa A. - 2nd Grade

Fire 7 Winners

Acres Of Fun Child Care Center Inc. / Nicole B. - 2nd Grade

Bardmoor Elementary School / David E. - 3rd Grade

Brooker Creek Elementary School / Rylie W. - 4th Grade

Cross Bayou Elementary School / Gabriel L. - Kindergarten

Douglas L Jamerson Elementary School / Sahasra T. - 3rd Grade

Dunedin Elementary School / Francisco J. - 4th Grade

Forest Lakes Elementary School / Samritha M. - Kindergarten

Frontier Elementary School / Braxton S. - 3rd Grade

Gulf Beaches Elementary School / Liam B. - 1st Grade

Indian Rocks Christian School / Emily R. - 4th Grade

Northbay Christian Academy / Noah B. - 3rd Grade

Orange Grove Elementary School / Aaron Y. - 2nd Grade

Safety Harbor Elementary School / Luna C. - 3rd Grade

Starkey Elementary School / Roy C. - 1st Grade

Tarpon Springs Elementary School / Jessica P. - 1st Grade

Bauder Elementary School / Allie  C. 4th Grade

Douglas L Jamerson Elementary School / Nicodemus F. - 1st Grade

Fairmount Park Elementary School / Eden S. - 3rd Grade

Forest Lakes Elementary School / Arnav B. - 5th Grade

Lakeview Fundamental Elementary Sch / Jonas S. - 4th Grade

North Shore Elementary School / Jamie M. - 5th Grade

Northwest Elementary School / Natalie P. - 5th Grade

Northwest Elementary School / Adam K. - 2nd Grade

Plumb Elementary School / Sidita D. - 2nd Grade

Seventy-Fourth St Elementary School / Socheata K. - 3rd Grade

Starkey Elementary School / Kalon M. - 3rd Grade

Sunset Hills Elementary School / Oliver G. - 2nd Grade

Cross Bayou Elementary School / Zion H. - 5th Grade

Bay Vista Fundamental School / Savannah H. - 5th Grade

Southern Oak Elementary School / Amara K. - 4th Grade