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ELA Modules for K-5 (Booklists to Read at Home or School)

Module A 8/24/20 to 10/2/20

ELA Kindergarten Module A: We Are Readers & Writers

ELA First Grade Module A: We Are Readers & Writers

ELA Second Grade Module A: We Are Readers & Writers

ELA Third Grade Module A: Unstoppable Readers & Writers

ELA Fourth Grade Module A: From Heroes to Giants-A Study of Myths & Traditional Literature

ELA Fifth Grade Module A: Reading Between the Lines-Grasping Themes by Following Characters & Their Struggles

Module B 10/5/20 to 11/13/20

ELA Kindergarten Module B: Growing as Readers & Writers-Starting a Toolbox of Reading & Writing Strategies

ELA First Grade Module B: It’s Alive! Learning About the World by Reading & Writing

ELA Second Grade Module B: I Pledge Allegiance-Reading & Writing About America

ELA Third Grade Module B: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & More- Unearthing the Secrets of Life Science

ELA Fourth Grade Module B: Living Life to the Fullest- Investigating Living Organisms & Life Processes

ELA Fifth Grade Module B: From Producers to Consumers- Understanding the Natural World Through Reading & Writing & Careful Observation

Module C 11/16/20 to 1/15/21

ELA Kindergarten Module C: Making Discoveries as Readers & Writers- Using our Strategies to Tackle Informational Text

ELA First Grade Module C: Getting to Know Characters

ELA Second Grade Module C: Friends, Family, Fiasco- Characters & Situations that Keep Us Coming Back for More Literature

ELA Third Grade Module C: Bringing Characters to Life to Understand the Heart of the Story

ELA Fourth Grade Module C: Reading for Justice & Power- Following Social Issues in Books Club

ELA Fifth Grade Module C: Fantasy- The Magic of Themes & Symbols

Module D 1/19/21 to 2/26/21

ELA First Grade Module D: Red, White, & Blue- Recognizing the Symbols & Individuals That Represent Us

ELA Second Grade Module D: Long Ago- Stepping into the World of Fairy Tales Folktales & Fables

ELA Third Grade Module D: I have a Dream- How Heroes & Everyday Citizens Make the World a Better Place

ELA Fourth Grade Module D: Poetry, Drama, & Prose, Oh, My! Unraveling the Beauty of Multiple Genres

ELA Fifth Grade Module D: Revolutionary Reading to Write-Learning About History & People Who Made History

Module E 3/1/21 to 4/16/21

ELA First Grade Module E: Friends in Books-Meeting Characters & Going on Reading Adventures

ELA Second Grade Module E: Earth Rocks! Exploring Earth’s Unique Structure & Surface

ELA Third Grade Module E: A Miraculous Journey

ELA Fourth Grade Module E: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

ELA Fifth Grade Module E: The Holocaust & Human Rights- Learning from the Past to Protect the Future

Module F 4/19/21 to 6/9/21

ELA First Grade Module F: Dig Deeper- Learning Important Lessons About Books

ELA Second Grade Module F: SOS (Second-Grade Operation Series)- Becoming Experts About Characters in a Series

ELA Third Grade Module F: Solving the Mystery Before the Detective-Reading & Writing Mysteries

ELA Fourth Grade Module F: Welcome to Land of Flowers- Exploring Florida’s Past, Present, & Future

ELA Fifth Grade Module F: As the Page Turns- Reading the Stories of Other’s Lives & Writing the Stories of Our Own