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Tips and best practices developed in collaboration with our partners encourage children to read.

Pinellas has licensed the myON Core Collection to support student learning.

Review the list of available books. Note you will need to download the list to search by title or author.

Please contact your school directly if you have questions about the materials available to your students.


Booklists to Read at Home or School (ELA Modules for K-5)

Module A 8/24/20 to 10/2/20

ELA Kindergarten Module A: We Are Readers & Writers

ELA First Grade Module A: We Are Readers & Writers

ELA Second Grade Module A: We Are Readers & Writers

ELA Third Grade Module A: Unstoppable Readers & Writers

ELA Fourth Grade Module A: From Heroes to Giants-A Study of Myths & Traditional Literature

ELA Fifth Grade Module A: Reading Between the Lines-Grasping Themes by Following Characters & Their Struggles

Module B 10/5/20 to 11/13/20

ELA Kindergarten Module B: Growing as Readers & Writers-Starting a Toolbox of Reading & Writing Strategies

ELA First Grade Module B: It’s Alive! Learning About the World by Reading & Writing

ELA Second Grade Module B: I Pledge Allegiance-Reading & Writing About America

ELA Third Grade Module B: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & More- Unearthing the Secrets of Life Science

ELA Fourth Grade Module B: Living Life to the Fullest- Investigating Living Organisms & Life Processes

ELA Fifth Grade Module B: From Producers to Consumers- Understanding the Natural World Through Reading & Writing & Careful Observation

Module C 11/16/20 to 1/15/21

ELA Kindergarten Module C: Making Discoveries as Readers & Writers- Using our Strategies to Tackle Informational Text

ELA First Grade Module C: Getting to Know Characters

ELA Second Grade Module C: Friends, Family, Fiasco- Characters & Situations that Keep Us Coming Back for More Literature

ELA Third Grade Module C: Bringing Characters to Life to Understand the Heart of the Story

ELA Fourth Grade Module C: Reading for Justice & Power- Following Social Issues in Books Club

ELA Fifth Grade Module C: Fantasy- The Magic of Themes & Symbols

Module D 1/19/21 to 2/26/21

ELA First Grade Module D: Red, White, & Blue- Recognizing the Symbols & Individuals That Represent Us

ELA Second Grade Module D: Long Ago- Stepping into the World of Fairy Tales Folktales & Fables

ELA Third Grade Module D: I have a Dream- How Heroes & Everyday Citizens Make the World a Better Place

ELA Fourth Grade Module D: Poetry, Drama, & Prose, Oh, My! Unraveling the Beauty of Multiple Genres

ELA Fifth Grade Module D: Revolutionary Reading to Write-Learning About History & People Who Made History

Module E 3/1/21 to 4/16/21

ELA First Grade Module E: Friends in Books-Meeting Characters & Going on Reading Adventures

ELA Second Grade Module E: Earth Rocks! Exploring Earth’s Unique Structure & Surface

ELA Third Grade Module E: A Miraculous Journey

ELA Fourth Grade Module E: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

ELA Fifth Grade Module E: The Holocaust & Human Rights- Learning from the Past to Protect the Future

Module F 4/19/21 to 6/9/21

ELA First Grade Module F: Dig Deeper- Learning Important Lessons About Books

ELA Second Grade Module F: SOS (Second-Grade Operation Series)- Becoming Experts About Characters in a Series

ELA Third Grade Module F: Solving the Mystery Before the Detective-Reading & Writing Mysteries

ELA Fourth Grade Module F: Welcome to Land of Flowers- Exploring Florida’s Past, Present, & Future

ELA Fifth Grade Module F: As the Page Turns- Reading the Stories of Other’s Lives & Writing the Stories of Our Own

myON Family Reading Tips

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Volume 5 - English

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